Stratis provides blockchain for business as a cloud service.

Stratis plans to combine Bitcoin’s stability with the agility, scalability, and extensibility of other blockchain projects. It wants to achieve that by implementing Bitcoin node in C# and then building Stratis Platform functionality on top of that. That Stratis Platform, or NStratis, will allow building decentralized applications. NStratis is based on C# Bitcoin library, called NBitcoin.

Developers can use C# and .NET Framework, which provides a familiar development environment and rich library. Stratis team also believes that C# will help to speed up development of full node functionality.

Stratis offers the ability to launch a sidechain. Sidechain is a customizable blockchain that lives within Stratis infrastructure. Users can configure blockchain parameters, like block time and inflation rate. That way, sidechains provide both agility and security. Stratis provides cloud services to instantly deploy sidechains.

Stratis provides a way to test and deploy distributed applications on the blockchain without the need to maintain a full node. Stratis BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) allows building applications via the traditional APIs and lite clients.

Stratis is built with fiat currencies in mind. Businesses often don’t want or need to hold and transfer cryptocurrencies, mainly because of lack of regulation and high volatility. Stratis offers a fiat gateway to transfer fiat currencies on the blockchain, similar to Ripple and Stellar.


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